Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ric Ocasek: Nexterday and Beyond

According to billboard.com (check out the Advanced picture of him), Ric Ocasek has more than just a new solo album, the Advancedly titled "Nexteday," in the works:

Self-produced and recorded in his own basement studio, "Nexterday" is quite possibly the most stripped-down and straight-ahead release of Ocasek's entire recording career. The 11 tracks did not differ much from their demo versions, despite appearances by such guests as Bad Brains bassist Darryl Jenifer and former Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes.

...When asked about specific favorite tracks, Ocasek has difficulty picking just one. "I put them all on there because I liked them," he says. "I wrote about 30 songs and I picked those, so I like all the ones I put there. At least I did when I did them. It's funny -- I don't have favorite tracks on any record."

...The artist is also participating in an anticipated Cars DVD/documentary, tentatively titled "The Cars Unlocked." The project will feature career-spanning live footage and candid, behind-the-scenes clips. "The backstage stuff is stuff in hotel rooms and dressing rooms," Ocasek says. "I think it will be a nice insight into what the Cars were really like. There's interviews, video outtakes, kind of just hamming it up, and some nice club things that probably people wouldn't have gotten to see, from way back. I think it's pretty telling. I think it's the most comprehensive thing that's ever been put out on the Cars."
I would like to know what the Cars were really like because, really, I haven't the slightest clue. That was part of their charm. of course, but I think they've been charming long enough.

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