Thursday, July 15, 2004

Acting Like Myself Blues #4

A little about "Hearts of Fire" starring Bob Dylan (From Britt, courtesy of the Advancement Foundation):

"Good lord it puts me in an advanced state of mind. My wife's grandfather was a famous actor and acting teacher. Anyway, they lived across the street from Bob Dylan--Bob called Jeff one day and said he had been offered some acting part and needed help. Jeff told him to come over and maybe he could help him. Bob arrived a little bit later on his bicycle (he lives directly across the street) in some ridiculous getup that included a gigantic straw hat. He told Jeff that he thought his biggest hurdle was going to be that he had no idea how one went about not acting like themselves-a funny comment considering who it was. I think 'Hearts of Fire' may prove he never overcame this. Anyhow, Jeff--who had taught James Dean, Jack Nicholson and a whole host of other great actors--tried to dissuade him from pursuing acting."

Advanced rockers do love to appear in movies. I think Tom Petty, whose advancement might be questioned because people like most of his stuff, should be applauded for appearing in "The Postman" starring Kevin Costner. That was the movie that was like "Water World," but about mail delivery.

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J Bragg said...

I just saw "Masked and Anonymous" which stars Bob Dylan. It's an odd movie. I don't really think it required him to do anything more then play himself. I saw a number of reviews that said it was really bad, but I didn't think it was that bad. To say that Bob Dylan's acting style is understated would be an understatement.