Monday, July 12, 2004

By the Time I Get to Phoenix, I'll Be Drunk Driving

According to CNN, Glen Campbell played a concert for his fellow prisoners while he was in jail for DUI. What particularly amused me was this:

He pleaded guilty in May to extreme DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, then began his jail term on July 1 with his final eight days set up as work-release. Campbell was allowed to leave the jail, where he had a indoor private cell, during the day to handle business affairs, returning overnight. "It's been an eye-opener, that's for sure," Campbell said of his time behind bars.
That does sound like an eye opener. Also, I like that it was "extreme DUI." Regular DUI wasn't good enough. Just once, I'd like to hang out with George Jones and Glen Campbell. I can only imagine how weird those two guys are.

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