Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Bangles and Paul McCartney

This news from MTV was sent to me:

The Bangles will be handed an honorary degree on Friday from the Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts by none other than Paul McCartney, who helped found the school in 1996. In March 2003, the Bangles took time out from their European tour to conduct a master class at the institute, which was reportedly the highest attended and most popular session the school has ever held. All four Bangles will be inducted as "Companions," an honor reserved for people who have not only achieved greatness within the performing arts, but who have also passed advice and help to LIPA students, and it will be the first time an entire band will receive this honor.
One of the things that advanced artists do is celebrate artists that are far beneath them. Not that I don't like the Bangles, but I wouldn't exactly say they have "achieved greatness." In fact, it has always depressed me that in one of their videos, a fan holds up a personalized license plate that reads, "Bangles 1." I just can't imagine putting that much energy into my love of a band like the Bangles. But anyway, Paul McCartney thinks they're great, so what do I know?

I do think Paul is advanced by the way, despite what you've read in "Esquire." Britt thinks the Beatles were the "New Kids on the Block" of the '60s, so he would probably say that he is not advanced. I think his bass playing alone qualifies him as great enough to be able to advance. And his guitar solo on "Taxman" is so great, I can hardly believe it.

I'm a part of a very slim minority that believes the Beatles don't get enough credit.

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Sean said...

Pardon the noob, but it seems to me that saying the Beatles were the "New Kids on the Block" of the '60s, is a very overt thing to say. There's nothing "hipper" than slagging on the Beatles.

...Who it seems to me became advanced, at least for an hour, with the broadcast of "Magical Mystery Tour." Or perhaps they were just stoned.

And McCartney... would his trance electronica albums qualify him? Or his classical work? Or his gallery show consisting mostly of images of Linda?