Saturday, July 24, 2004

Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, Let's Go Back to My Room

Here are a few remarks from Harold Bloom about "Don Quixote" that should be interesting to all who follow the advanced theory:

"Cervantes is always out ahead of us, and we can never quite catch up."

"Here are two characters [Don Quixote and Hamlet]...who seem always to know what they are doing, though they baffle us whenever we try to share their knowledge."

"We cannot know the object of Don Quixote's quest unless we ourselves are Quixotic (note the capital Q)." -parentheses by the author

Bloom has provided the perfect summary of the theory: The advanced artists are always ahead of us, they know what they are doing even though we are baffled, and we can't understand them unless we ourselves are advanced.

So there you go.

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