Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fans Ask Lou Questions

There's a nice little Q&A at the Independent. Some sample questions and answers:

Q: Some people might be surprised that you've allowed Dab Hands to remix "Satellite of Love". Why did you?
Leo Baker, London

A: Why would they be surprised? Would they think I wanted to keep it sacred? In fact, I really like a lot of what's out there. I get sent a lot of remixes. For some reason a lot of them are from the UK - I don't know why. One time, this band called Medicine 8 sent me a new version of a track that only a Velvet Underground aficionado would know existed. They did it so much better than I did and I love when that happens. What some of these younger people are doing with computers and with the sound is really amazing. I love that stuff.

Q: A lot of the younger bands are drawing on the sound pioneered by the Velvet Underground and other Sixties groups for their inspiration. How difficult is it to find new things to say in rock music?
Katrina Stewart, Dublin

A: How difficult is it to find new things to say in a novel or a painting? It's the same question. There are a billion subjects you can set to music, don't you think? But I don't know if current bands are stuck in a rut. How should I know? I'm not a critic. In any case, there's always someone breaking new ground. At the moment, I think the production in hip-hop and dance is at the forefront of that. The drum sound that Missy Elliot gets. I mean, how did they do that? That's amazing. Some of that technology is so fabulous, so powerful.

Q: How big a kick was it to feature on the cover of Kung Fu magazine in the States last year?
Pat George, Boston

A: That was a terrific thrill. I earned the right to be on that cover. I've done martial arts for 20 years - I study with the Chen Tai Chi Master, Ren Guang-Yi, in New York. It means everything to me.

I'm particularly excited about the Kung Fu business because I'm looking into Elvis's advancement. Of course Lou Reed would say Missy Elliot is geat because most advanced musicians point to hip-hop as the most interesting music. There's also some good stuff about allowing your music to be used in commercials.

Anyway, kind of interesting.

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