Friday, July 16, 2004

Little Q and A

The officical Keith Richards website has an "Ask Keith" feature where regular people ask Keith regular questions and he gives advanced answers. There's one that I enjoy where a guy says that he is a beginner guitarist and has trouble keeping time. Here are parts of Keith's answer:

"I don't know who you're palying with. If you're playing to a metronome, I'd be lousy to [sic], y'know. I think it's a matter of--don't be too afraid of like counting an [sic] all that." He goes on: "...I'm blessed with being playing all of my professional life with Charlie Watts, Steve Jordans and, you know, Georgie Rocellis and Zigaboo Melodistas [sic]...what's your drummer like?"

I'm guessing that this beginning guitarist's drummer is not much like Zigaboo Melodiste.

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