Friday, July 30, 2004

He's My Tome Boy

I was sent this bit from the Hollywood Reporter:

Music and entertainment television networks -- from E! to MTV and VH1 -- have become loony for lists, as anyone who has spent an entire Saturday afternoon glued to their TV screen strangely mesmerized by a seemingly endless marathon of countdown shows can attest..... But as those oh-so-preciously edgy, over-designed numbers -- representing who's hottest, coolest and rockingest -- whiz by, music and movie buffs above the age of 13 are usually left dumbfounded by the order in which artists are listed. "That was the major impetus," says Kool Moe Dee on penning his new tome "There's a God on the Mic: The True 50 Greatest MCs." "With MTV or BET, their only concern is viewership," adds the seminal rapper behind such early hip-hop hits as "Go See the Doctor," "Wild Wild West" and "How Ya Like Me Now." "Any network -- any business -- they are not trying to be accurate, they're just trying to be popular. I just hated the fact that there's never any criteria set up. BET or MTV, you just go online and put your vote in. We forsake everything for the sake of business now." [I like the way he puts "forsake" and "for the sake" next to each other. -jh]
Here is a pretty advanced looking picture of KMD. I'm not sure if he really is advanced, but I always love it when musicians write "tomes." It's especially great that he's written a countdown book as a response to all the countdowns around these days. Plus, he's rating artists in a genre that includes him, so I really hope he proclaims himself the number one MC of all time.

I'm guessing LL Cool J will not be on the list.

An update:
He's making a movie too! Read all about Kool Moe Dee here.


J Bragg said...

My personal opinion would be that Kool Moe Dee is advanced. He didn't rate himself number one, but he did put himself in the top ten. (I think I remember he put himself at 3 or 4) Also look up the lyrics for "I Go To Work."

Jim Donahue said...

OK, I'm just getting the hang of this Advanced business. Here's a paragraph from the Times that caught my eye over the weekend:

>>Cam'ron has not officially released an album since 2002 (his next is due out next year), yet his set still was not long enough to include all of his recent underground hits. (One song missing was the sublime "Get 'Em Girls," in which he rhymes, "Eight boom boom, my ace boon coon/Shake, bake, skate, vroom, broom/Seventh to eighth, zoom, zoom/Boom-boom tunes/'Fore I get locked, that Boom Boom Room.")

Forget sublime--is this Advanced or Overt?