Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bjork Channels Todd Rundgren

There is an excellent article on about a record that Todd Rundgren did called "A Capella," which is, naturally, songs without instruments. Here's a little something:

With all the predictable approbation MedĂșlla [Bjorks new record] has received, it's worth noting that Todd Rundgren performed the same "all vocals, all the time" experiment on his album A Cappella in 1985. The mid-'80s were an antediluvian era for recording, yet Rundgren, using time-honored overdub techniques, crude sample machines, and nothing but his voice, created a lush, gorgeous record that rivals MedĂșlla for its mad-scientist invention and ambition.
I'm pretty sure that Todd Rundgren is advanced, but I don't know quite enough about his work to say for sure.

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Sean said...

I can't wait to catch up to the near past and find out what if anything you have to say about Todd Rundgren joining "The New Cars" to the disgust and contempt of Ric Ocasek.