Monday, September 27, 2004

High School Student Grapples With Advancement

I was just browsing through the Fairbanks "Daily News-Miner" (as I always do on Monday mornings) when I discovered this review of Lou Reed's recent live album, "Animal Serenade." The reveiw was written by a high school student who is Velvet Underground fan but is a bit confused by Lou Reed's new sound. While acknowledging that Reed is "a legend of rock'n'roll," he says that he was a bit disappointed with the reworking of VU songs. He is annoyed by Fernando Saunders' presence in the band, especially the vocals. But I think this young writer has a future in appreciating advancement. He finds Reed's voice "refreshing" and enjoys the opening of the record where the musicians are introduced while they play a song (introducing the band members during a jam is Advanced). And I was very pleased to read this: "Another very, very cool number is 'How do you think it feels' which has an awesome opening guitar riff that I could jam to all day." Now that is an Advanced thing to say. Good job, Cameron Casper!


Cameron Casper said...

Wow, I'm Cameron Casper, and I was just searching for my name in google when this popped up, and I'm very flattered. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

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