Thursday, September 30, 2004

Yet Another Musical, Johnny Cash Edition

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The Man in Black will soon be coming to the Great White Way. Production on "Ring of Fire," a Broadway musical based on the life and times of Johnny Cash, is under way and expected to debut next year.

"Ring of Fire" tells the story Cash's entire life through more than 49 of his songs, from "A Boy Named Sue" to "Folsom Prison Blues." The play is in the early stages of creative development, though a final script has been written by Tony winner Richard Maltby Jr., who will also direct.

"The story is carried through the lyrics of the songs, because he was the icon of American music," said Randy Bloom, general manager of Phoenix Productions, the company that is co-producing "Ring." "Johnny's life was extremely multifaceted; from prison and drug abuse to born-again and obscurity, to stardom and back to obscurity again, and then a resurgence prior to his death."
I guess.

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