Friday, September 10, 2004

Elvis Costello in USA Today

Here are some good quotes from an Elvis Costello interview in USA Today:

On his new record:
Costello and his band, The Imposters, will unveil The Delivery Man, a narrative-based song cycle conceived on "that place on the road where soul and country meet." Delivery Man also features vocals by Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams.

Costello already had the songs and the title character, inspired by a true story he had alluded to in an earlier song, Hidden Shame, written for Johnny Cash. "He's an enigmatic presence who comes to this small town. He carries the secret of having committed murder as a child, though it's not stated anywhere on the record."

On his genre hopping:
"My vocation is to follow my curiosity and my passion," he says. "I have no other responsibility — none to the record company, none to the audience, certainly none to critics. If I disappoint someone who expects something different, they can just buy one of my other records — or wait for the next one."
I love that he has an album that sounds like a concept record, especially one that has elements of soul and country. He is, after all, a British white guy.

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