Friday, September 03, 2004

Blonde Wig on Blonde Wig

I was talking about Bob Dylan with Britt today, and he brought up something that I hadn't heard before: He said that he saw Bob Dylan performing while wearing a blond wig. There was no explanation as to why he was wearing this wig, and he did all his songs normally. I've had some trouble finding evidence of this, but I did find something on a fans' website:

Dylan and Co. made a rare appearance in this town Tuesday night and from my vantage point along the rail right in front of Bob I saw my first show with Stu Kimball replacing Fuzzy. Since the show is basically outside, except for the fences, soundcheck was visible and audible, although security people didtheir best to keep people from hangin out, repeatedly tellin folks you cant stand/sit there. Bob could be seen onstage playin guitar for soundcheck with his black skullcap, and what looked like a blond wig?
That is mighty peculiar.

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