Thursday, September 02, 2004

Ozzy or Ozzn't He?

From the Belfast Telegraph:

[Ozzy Osbourne] is one of 20 leading musicians who have been invited to nominate their heroes for the compilation of a songwriters' Hall of Fame. Lennon and McCartney, said Osbourne, were the "f***ing catalyst for me to get into music". He added: "To me, they're the Mozarts of our time. The Beatles were the only band in rock 'n' roll history to go from a f***ing boy band to a psychedelic rock band."
Ozzy is in the Alice Cooper school of advanced rockers. He has always cited the Beatles as the reason that he got into music, even before he was advanced. (Of course, some people feel that the Beatles never advanced beyond being a boy band.) I have always found that interesting, considering the music he has made in his career. Also, I think the "Bark at the Moon" video is fantastic.

It should be noted that Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand chose Lou Reed as his favorite songwriter in this survey.

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