Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Twisted Sister

Again, from

Veteran hard rock act Twisted Sister has re-recorded its iconic 1984 album, "Stay Hungry," and will release it Oct. 5 via Eagle Rock.... [T]he new edition sports seven cuts that did not make the final cut for the original album. "[These are] obscure songs from our club days but never officially recorded then," says guitarist Jay Jay French of the extra tracks. "These songs were meant to be included on 'Stay Hungry' but were never finished."

"Even the cover art is now the way we wanted it," French adds. "It shows us as five starving musicians in street clothes in a tenement sitting at a table to represent where we came from, and the ghostly looking image of us in our stage clothes behind that shot represents what we imagined we could achieve."
I'm not going to tell you that Twisted Swister is advanced (though they do have a song called "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll," which is currently in my exercise mix), but this is pretty amazing.

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