Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dave Stewart Messes With Missionary Man Bono, the Knife Overt, Microsoft Gets RIAA-eady to Rumble, Itsy Bitsy but Not Dead, Original Pogues Lazy Tour

  • Bono will be the first guest on Dave Stewart's music talk show. I wonder sometimes why it took me so long to realize how great "Missionary Man" is. (Same goes for Donnie Darko. I dismissed it because of its title, but it's surprisingly good and genuinely weird.)
  • My goodness are the Knife ever Overt! I'd never heard of them before seeing them in this NME story. My goodness.
  • Microsoft using the RIAA's legal tactics as inspiration? How fitting!
  • The writer of "Itsy Bitsy, etc. Bikini" died of Noam Chomsky disease and was buried in Venezuela. I can still smell the sulfur.
  • The original Pogues are touring America. And by America, I mean California and Nevada.

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