Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Return of "Metal Machine Music"

Great news for fans of the beloved Metal Machine Music, from (and Pitchfork):

"Cult hero Lou Reed plans to revive his 1975 feedback noise double album Metal Machine Music.

...Although the album was actually reissued by an English label in 1991, when it was first released many fans returned the album thinking their copy was defective. Now Pitchfork Media reports that the ever adventurous Reed will collaborate with 'avant-garde German music collective' Zeitkratzer to attempt 'audacious, clangourous realizations' of the, uh, songs for a 2007 CD/DVD."

I generally consider Metal Machine Music to be the greatest Advanced Irritant of all time, but now I'm wondering if maybe I've been selling it short all these years. Perhaps it is yet another example of an Advanced Artist being so ahead of his time that people think he must be joking or crazy when in fact he's brilliant. I haven't listened to the record in a long time, but maybe it's time to revisit it with fresh ears. At any rate, Lou Reed's revisiting it with any ears is extremely Advanced.

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Cucumber Jones said...

Lou Reed Metal Machine Music performed by Zeitkratzer is finally getting a US release date on September 4th. The package boasts a bonus DVD of the 2002 concert performed by Zeitkratzer and Reed at the Berlin Opera House. It's a noisy affair but Sonic Youth fans will fall all over it. Pretty powerful stuff coming from an artist who was, at the time, 60 years old. Puts the new bands to shame. Don't believe me?

Anonymous said...

Is Metal Machine Music rock and roll or avant-garde? Perhaps it's both. I've heard the new live album. It's better than the original 1975 MMM album. Much more musical.

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