Friday, September 22, 2006

Lou Reed Takes the Chinese Out of Tai Chi

There is a filled-with-Advancement interview with Lou Reed at Here are some highlights:

"...Reed is writing and recording music for martial arts -- a soundtrack, if you will, for Chen-style tai chi, of which he is a loyal practitioner. Typically this music is of Chinese origin, but Reed's goal is to change things in that world as he did in the rock 'n' roll realm four decades ago.

"'I'm making it under my name -- it's energy music," said Reed. "I was trying to make music that would give the energy of rock, but you would be able to put it into a martial arts (setting). I just wanted to do it. We're always doing it to this Chinese music, and I thought it would be great to do this.' "

My lord is it Advanced to find doing Tai Chi to Chinese music problematic! He goes on to talk about how much he loves playing live but people who design rock clubs don't think about acoustics:

"'If you want the best sound indoors, go into a dance club that plays techno, and they'll kill you with their sound system,' he said."

Embracing techno is also quite Advanced. He should let somebody remix his Tai Chi music and unleash it on the dance clubs.

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