Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Unfortunate Gothic Archies, Hendrix Ring Tones, Sparks Ticked About Being Dicked, Styx Not Forever DeYoung, Willie Nelson the Hit Man

  • Over the last several years, Stephen Merrit has written songs based on Lemony Snicket books and now he is going to released them under the name Gothic Archies. That was my idea!
  • I'll bet you thought it impossible to hate "Manic Depression." But Verizon is going to try to prove that it is possible.
  • Sparks are not going to be dicked around by the BBC. (Thanks Cool Noise.)
  • Styx is going out on tour but they are leaving out the Dennis DeYoung songs. But even though you won't hear "Mr. Roboto" on the tour, you might as well learn its history.
  • Willie Nelson is going to play a hit man in the movie Fighting With Anger. Next up, a buddy picture with Armand Assante.

    Anonymous said...

    RE: Mr. Roboto

    Robert Orin Charles Kilroy:

    the hero's initials are R.O.C.K!

    there's nothing musical theater about that.

    Tommy Shaw, you phony.

    Though "Fooling Yourself" is the second greatest Styx song but only because of DeYoung's "Lucky Man"-esque synth work.

    Anonymous said...

    hasn't merritt been doing the gothic archies since, like 1997 or so?

    Jason Hartley said...

    I think so (gothic archies question)