Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lou Reed's Tai Chi Master Has Made a Video

Not much going on again, so let's enjoy this promo for Master Ren's Tai Chi video, which features Lou Reed's music and an amazing picture of Reed on the cover of Kung Fu magazine holding a sword or something like it. Embracing the martial arts, especially on stage, is Advanced. As you probably know, Elvis invented this particular brand of Advancement.


Cool Noise said...

Damn, it's "No Longer Available". The YouTube Night of The Long Knives has continued (I've lost a lot of videos including the Alice Cooper Pie In The Face!)

Brilliant plan by YouTube - try to get permission to use music related music videos by first removing them from your site. I sense a backlash.

Philco Brothers said...

I really wanted to see that video.
Here's the cover of that Kung Fu mag: kung fu lou