Monday, September 25, 2006

Kurtis Blow and Holy Hip-Hop, Pirate Radio vs. FCC, Meat Loaf and Tenacious D, Steven Tyler's Secret Hep C, Headline Challenge

  • Kurtis Blow is launching a Christian hip-hop label. It's for "young people who love God but do not like to go to church." But where is the music for people who do not like God but love to go to church?
  • Pirate radio is battling the FCC. I wonder who will win?
  • Meat Loaf is playing Jack Black's dad in the Tenacious D movie. Too obvious...should be Gary Oldman. (By the way, Meat Loaf doesn't strike me as a guy who would like Meat Loaf's music. Is it only me?)
  • Steven Tyler is no longer a hep cat, and is ready to tell the world!
  • The Chicago Sun-Times managed to avoid using "wild side" in the headline of an article about Lou Reed. But the New Zealand Herald couldn't help themselves from using "a-chagnin'" in their article about Bob Dylan.

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