Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jerry Lee Lewis Has New Album, Includes Zeppelin Cover

There's a long article about Jerry Lee Lewis, who has a new album coming out, in the New York Times. Let's read a bit about what made Jerry Lee Jerry Lee:

"He was sent to study at the Southwestern Bible Institute in Waxahachie, Tex., where his music stirred up its first ruckus. “I didn’t graduate,” he said. “I was kind of quit-uated. I was asked to leave for playing ‘My God Is Real’ boogie-woogie style, rock ’n’ roll style. I figured that’s the way it needed to be played.

'The boy that wanted to sing it, poor old boy, he wanted to sing it real slow and draggy,' Mr. Lewis continued. 'I said: Son, you want this song to go over? Or do you want it to be real draggy and drug out? He wanted it to go over, and I said, Well, do it this way. Doomba, doomba, doomba, doomba, and it went, man. It went over. They didn’t kick him out of Bible school, but they wanted to kick me out. But every kid in the Bible school said, If you kick Jerry Lee Lewis out of this school, then I’m going too. The dean came over and said, You see that? You have ruined a great school. I said, I haven’t ruined anything. I said, Look, let me just take a couple of weeks off, to cool things off, and I’ll be back. And he said, That’s a good idea. I didn’t go back.'”

And here's a bit about his new album:

"The album has Mr. Lewis and the country patriarch George Jones cackling through an old Western swing song, 'Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age,' and Eric Clapton wailing a bluesy solo on the blues standard 'Trouble in Mind.' Songs like the Hank Williams hit 'Lost Highway,' Kris Kristofferson’s 'Pilgrim' and the Band’s 'Twilight' contemplate age and regret, and in 'That Kind of Fool,' Mr. Lewis and Keith Richards sing about a settled life they never had. Meanwhile Bruce Springsteen’s 'Pink Cadillac' and Led Zeppelin’s 'Rock and Roll' insist that Mr. Lewis doesn’t plan to go quietly. His piano playing roars and crashes through the songs; his voice is knowing and cantankerous."

And if his covering Zeppelin isn't enough to let you know that he's Advanced, here's more evidence:

Mr. Rip [his producer] didn’t set out to make a duets album, he said. But once he had done a few duets, he found it hard to turn down the offers; the album has 21 songs and two dozen guests. Mr. Lewis has completed another album with no guests — though Mr. Rip said he’d make room for Bob Dylan if he became available...."

Finally, Lewis wore a white bathrobe for his interview.

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