Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bobcat Goldthwait to Turn Kinks Album Into Movie

Oh my (Guardian):
Raspy-voiced comedian Bobcat Goldthwait will direct a film based on the Kinks' Schoolboys in Disgrace, according to reports. The manic funny man, best known for appearing in the Police Academy films, has written a screenplay based on the 1976 album. Ray Davies will act as executive producer.

The original Schoolboys in Disgrace is a musical about a young trouble-maker, who transforms into super-villain Mr Flashs after being humiliated by his headmaster. "Schoolboys in Disgrace is a story that any kid who has felt that they are not being treated fairly can relate to, all set to some of the greatest rock songs you'll ever hear," Goldthwait told the Hollywood Reporter.
I hereby declare this the most exciting--and potentially Advanced--project of the year! (Thanks to Jeff)

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