Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paul Westerberg Advanced?

A reader (Tom) sent me a note this morning, and I thought I'd share the exchange...
Tom: [Westerberg] Advanced or not? Former slop-rocker does kids movie soundtrack (Open Season) which is probably one of his best solo albums, and has a guitar made by First Act sold at Walmarts. Also Lou's concert for dogs was one of the most advanced acts by an artist. If he releases a CD, that is inaudible to humans, made for dogs, I will rejoice.

Me: Great stuff about Westerberg. I didn't love the Replacements, but enough of my friends do to make PW qualified. I didn't know about the Wal-Mart deal, but obviously that is awesome.

As far as the dog album goes, a release on CD would be one-upping Cage because Reed's actually has sound that you can't hear, whereas Cage simply "created" nothing, which is just the opposite of something.
Keep the emails coming!


Unknown said...

I love Paul Westerberg, but outside of working with Don Was, I don't think he's really shown any Signs of Advancement. He seems to be a bit of a contrarian, rendering himself more overt. A Replacements reunion with only Tommy on board might be a good start. Changing up the arrangements on the classics would help too.

Yeah, the Walmart guitar is pretty awesome though.

Trav said...

I'm not sure if Yoko has the necessary background/foundation to Advance, but if nothing else, this layout has gotta count for something: