Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bill Walton's Free-Crap Family Christmas and Advanced Athletes

There is an excellent post at Jimmy Page's Sweater Vest about Bill Walton's son, Luke. Apparently, Bill got lots of free stuff from the NBA that he then wrapped up and gave to his kids for presents. There is a priceless example of a box of PowerBars. Check it out.

I've been asked whether atheletes can be Advanced. I think that there is probably Advancement in every field, but it's hard to say. The man behind the Vest (as I will now being calling Jimmy Page's Sweater Vest) points out that Walton hosts some kind of Grateful Dead show on satellite radio--embracing new technology is a sign of Advancement--and gives free crap to his kids for Christmas. Walton also was an innovator as a basketball player, so he could qualify as an Advanced athlete, if there is such a thing. Now that I think about it, John McEnroe has got to be Advanced. Both Walton and McEnroe have rock'n'roll connections, so that must explain it. Something to think about.

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