Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cheech and Chong

According to nypost.com, Tommy Chong will be appearing in "The Marijuana-logues," which is a stoner version of "The Vagina Monologues." That is some fairly Advanced business. He recently got out of jail for selling drug paraphernalia, though he considers himself something of a political prisoner. Apparently, he had a deal working that would give him house arrest, but it fell through when he said that his bongs were the only WMD Bush found. So he spent some time in minimum-security prison. But here is the best news of all, and I'll turn it over to the article:

Since the arrest, he's been drug-free, a condition of his parole. It doesn't really bother him. "Because of my age, I can't party with the big guys anyway," he says. "I haven't seriously smoked pot in years."

Nonetheless, he's sure to enliven "The Marijuana-Logues," for which he'll provide some new material. In the spring, he and Marin are scheduled to start shooting another Cheech & Chong movie, "Grumpy Old Stoners."

That is the most Advanced name I can think of for a Cheech and Chong reunion movie.


JohnnyDakota said...

Oh what memories. I used to listen to Cheech and Chong RECORDS way before they even came out with their first movie. I can even remember word for word some of thier old skits. Funny guys.

Blog on!

Jason Hartley said...

Don't tell anyone, but this blog is made entirely of weed.