Friday, December 10, 2004

Radiohead Is a Sad Salvation

I had a lot of thoughts about Radiohead, but I lost the momentum, so this is what we're left with: They are a good band, but they try just a little too hard to be interesting. Listening to their music can really be exhausting, I find. I wonder if all the noises and tricks are just their way of covering up an insecurity they have about their songwriting ability. I hope not, because I think they can write really good songs in the traditional sense.

I think, too, that they don't fully incorporate their influences into their own sound. Instead, they put big chunks of parts of other band's sounds into songs that are otherwise fairly original. I often find myself hearing U2 or even Pink Floyd. The best example is "Creep," which sounds like "The Air That I Breathe" by the Hollies with Joey Santiago on lead guitar. Of course, that is a obviously a winning formula. You can also find bits of Eric Carmen and Harry Nilsson from time to time.

I haven't thought this through much, so I'm sure there are Radiohead fans who would think I'm full of it were they to read this. But that's what the comments section is for, I guess.

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