Monday, December 06, 2004

The Joshua Trio

I watched a show on Trio (rapidly developing as the new home for Advanced music) that was basically a long advertisement for their greatest-hits record from a while back (1990-2000). U2 as a group flirts with Advancement, but as I have said, it seems as though an artist needs to go solo to be fully Advanced. Within the group, though, I think the Edge might be the most Advanced of them all. In the show, he says something like, "Rock'n'roll, Marshall stacks, turn it up loud, that's me." I was also impressed by his various looks during the nineties, especially his gay biker look and his many cowboy hats. (An aside: I'm thinking that cowboy hats might just be one of those accessories that can be either Advanced or Overt, depending on who is wearing them. Bob Dylan wears one these days. He also has a pencil-thin mustache. A unironic mustache is a sign of Advancement.) Anyway, the show included all the members talking about how awesome U2 is and how bands that stay away from bigness are pansies. (That's a paraphrase.)

Trio also shows Lou Reed in concert from time to time. It is from the era where he made the mullet the most important hairstyle in Advanced rock'n'roll and his bass player used a standup electric. I haven't seen it, but it borders on intolerably Advanced, according to Britt.

P.S. I think there is a U2 cover band called the Joshua Trio. I thank them for their inspiration.

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