Friday, December 17, 2004

I Always Wanted to Be Larry King

Usually Friday has lots of Advanced news, but not this Friday. Maybe everybody slept in this morning. Tom Waits is going to appear in a movie as a "soothsayer," cementing his status as a Second-Stage-Advanced Weirdo. You can't get much more Overt than playing a soothsayer, unless, of course, you are Advanced. If Tom Waits were merely Advanced, rather than Second-Stage Advanced, he might play, oh, an astronaut in a remake of "2001." I noticed an eerie similarity between Elliot Smith and CSN&(sometimes)Y. The Stray Cats' success seems kind of inevitable in retrospect, but I guess they were a rather unlikely band to make it so big. Brian Setzer is not exactly Advanced, but he's close. I think he was just a bit too derivative to be truly Advanced. Nevertheless, I've always felt sympathetic to him, like I could understand where he was coming from. I also identify with Lindsey Buckingham and John Paul Jones, but I have no idea why. Well, I imagine Mick Jagger should be rolling out of bed just about now, so hopefully we'll get something good in a bit.

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