Monday, December 20, 2004

TV on the TV

This weekend, I watched the Beach Boys concert movie "Good Vibrations." It was done in 1976 and looks it. Lorne Michaels was involved, and it featured Dan Akroyd and John Belushi dressed as police officers. They arrested Brian Wilson for not using public beaches for surfing and carted him off to the beach. There, the three of them sort of played in the waves. Brian Wilson is extremely fat in the movie. Mike Love is extremely shiny and golden during the perfmorance clips. Al Jardine shows how he is just a country boy and is butted by a goat. Dennis Wilson (a surprisingly good drummer) sings his baffling version of "You Are So Beautiful" while wearing a shirt that reads "No Sweat." He also judges a very amusing beauty contest. Another highlight is the band playing with a choir in some church. Funny how a choir can bring dignity to just about anything. Just about. There is a very seventies moment featuring the "Human Fly," who stands on top of an airliner as it flys through the air. Brian Wilson talks about why he stayed in his room for a few years. He performs onstage, but he is off to the side and barely moves. All in all, it was quite an affair, and I highly recommend it. I watched it on the Ovation channel, which is the home of depressing concerts. I also saw a bit of a movie about a Doors tour in Europe. Sadly, Grace Slick and what's his name with the big head from Jefferson Airplane talked a lot in the beginning. There is a nice moment where Ray Manzarek has to sing all the parts because JIm Morrison was not able to perform. It was in Amsterdam, if you get my drift. Anyway, he sounded perfect. It made me wonder if Jim Morrison actually ever sang. Then I decided he did.

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