Thursday, December 02, 2004

Twenty-First Century Schizoid Manzerek

I have recently begun to think that Ray Manzarek might be Advanced. In light of that, here's something I read at

The Doors of the 21st Century have been confirmed for the Melbourne International Music Festival in February 2005. Ian Astbury, former lead singer of the Cult, is the vocalist for Doors of the 21st Century, taking the part of original singer Jim Morrison. The band once featured former Police drummer who replaced original drummer John Densmore who could not continue to perform with the band because of ill health. He found out he was out of the band after reading it in Billboard. He sued the band. Copeland lasted just one month and also sued the band, this time for $1million.

I hadn't heard about the lawsuits. Being involved in acrimonious legal proceedings is a good sign of Advancement. And it is always good to boot out original members, especially without telling them (Page/Plant). Ray Manzerek has always seemed pretty awful to me, but I'm finally coming around to his way of thinking.

Stewart Copeland's involvement in the band is pretty Advanced, by the way.

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