Friday, October 07, 2005

Gigantic II: The Future of the Pixies


What will happen afterward [playing in Japan] is anybody's guess, but guitarist/vocalist Frank Black tells the group will hopefully begin gathering potential material for its first studio album since 1991's "Trompe le Monde."

"I think there are some band members extremely keen to start making a record and there are others who are more cautious because they don't want to mess with the legacy," Black says. "They may be afraid that if we make a mediocre record that it will still come out, because the money has been spent. That's fair enough."

For now though, Black offers, "We've decided there is nothing to talk about unless there's some actual songs on the table. In our spare time we'll start to compile some demos, and if they start to sound good, we'll do something."

"Kim reminded [guitarist] Joey [Santiago] she liked my song and maybe she'd do a lyric on top of it, which is fine, because I've written lyrics for it like three times and have never really been satisfied with it," Black admits. "'Gigantic' part two is in the works! And it's going to be bigger and better than the first one!"
Obviously the Pixies and Frank Black in particular are not Advanced (even though they are one of the greatest bands ever). Otherwise he wouldn't be worried about the legacy of the band. One sign of Advancement is an artist's willingness to destroy his or her legacy, if only to build a new one. That's why Bob Dylan and Lou Reed are always reworking their classics, even though it pisses off people who think that the songs are sacred and shouldn't be altered (as if they owned the songs more than the artist). Anyway, I hope the Pixies do make another record if they've got the material.

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