Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Morning Roundup

Not a whole lot to report this morning. Jamie Foxx is finishing up his record, I think. I don't know why he would want to make a record, but it's not right to question a man who has an Oscar and a tattoo on his head. Some outtakes from Elliot Smith have shown up on the web. It would be too heartbreaking to listen to them, I think. The New York Times ran an extremely condescending review of Queen + Paul Rodgers. Apparently the reviewer was the only one in the packed arena that had any sense. It must be nice to be better than everyone else. I wonder why a paper would send someone to review a concert he or she has already rejected on principle? The Times should have just given a free ticket to someone who was excited about the concert and let them write the review. Then it might have actually meant something. After all, do we really need the Times to point out that some people think that it is beneath the dignity of Queen to be touring with Paul Rodgers? They should stick with what they do best: ignoring dance that isn't by established choreographers, chastising themselves, and erasing their presence on the web by charging for content.

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