Friday, October 07, 2005

Here We Are Now, So What?

I was watching some show or other about rock music, and the topic of Kurt Cobain's role as "voice of a generation" came up. A journalist, who was sitting next to a stack of records so we would know that he is a journalist with a stack of records, said something to the effect of, "This was a bold statement. I mean, 'Here we are now, entertain us.'" Then he didn't say anything and just sort of nodded his head in awe as if he didn't need to elaborate on why the quoted line was so bold and significant. Cobain may or may not have been the voice of a generation, but I can't stand it when people make that kind of a claim without anything to back it up. I think his lyrics were for the most part stupid (but contagious!) and his solos were worse, but NIrvana was definitely significant. (I'm nodding my head in awe.)

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Anonymous said...

cobain, irresepective of what everyone says today, would remain a enigma and god for a whole generation of people. in fact its a religion today for some -'cobainism' and its followers gladly call themselves cobianites