Monday, October 03, 2005

Little Richard Stiffed by Macon Businessmen, Woooo!

Here's an odd story from

Concertgoers won't have to pay for a Little Richard concert in the singer's hometown. But who will? Macon Mayor Jack Ellis announced the concert Friday. He asked local business leaders -- including the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce -- to pick up the estimated $75,000 tab for Saturday's (Oct. 8) event, the chamber's president said.

But business leaders say they haven't been given enough time to come up with the money. Mike Ford, who heads the city's NewTown revitalization effort, said he wasn't approached until Wednesday about the concert.

Ron Wildman, a city spokesman, said the mayor was disappointed that the business groups aren't "stepping up to the plate since they've been using Little Richard now for several years to promote Macon and he's not charged them one dime."
I'll bet they could come up with the money for Pat Boone in a snap. But here's the question: What's the $75K for? I mean good golly, that's a lot of money to put on a concert in a small town like Macon. Oh well, I guess the town can help it, the town can't help it.

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Anonymous said...

If you new the mayor you would understand.