Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rubettes v. Rubettes

From the BBC:

Two versions of British glam band The Rubettes have gone to court over claims that one is being falsely promoted. A court ruling in 1999 saw the band, whose 1974 single Sugar Baby Love made number one, split in two, with singer Alan Williams leading one of the bands.

Williams claims the other version, led by original member Bill Hurd, have used his photo in their promotion and were falsely promoted as the original band. Hurd has counter-claimed and both sides have claimed breach of contract. The case is expected to last three days and both sides are claiming damages.

...The Rubettes were formed in London in 1973 from a collection of leading session musicians and singers by Polydor Records. Sugar Baby Love was the band's debut single and went on to sell eight million copies internationally, reaching number 37 in the US chart. Other UK hits included Tonight, Jukebox Jive and I Can Do It.
Call me a Rubettes purist, but if Alan Williams and Bill Hurd aren't onstage together, it's just not the Rubettes. I just wish the Rubettes would just get back to doing what they do best: being the Rubettes. That way Rubettes fans don't have to be split into the Williams Rubettes and the Hurd Rubettes. We Rubettes fans just want to see the Rubettes together as the one true Rubettes.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion the main 3 Rubettes were AND STILL ARE Alan Williams, John Richardson & Mick Clarke. these 3 are still playing together.
With all due to Bill Hurd I think Bill is kidding himself and cheating the audience who go to see Bill's Rubettes because even with bill in the band they are NOTHING even remotely like the original Rubettes. in fact they are really just a Rubettes tribute band.