Friday, October 21, 2005

MyTunes: Keep It Simple

As you may know, I put a bunch of my overt music on under the name the Latin Transmitters. One of my songs, "Keep It Simple," is going to be the indie rock track of the day this Sunday. You can hear it by clicking on the badge over there by my links (you don't have to wait until Sunday). I don't usually like to waste your time with this kind of thing, but when your song is one of the 365 best songs in one of the subcategories of a website designed for people who can't get a record deal but are so desperate to be heard they buy their way onto an MP3-hosting site, well, it's your duty to shout about it from the virtual mountaintops. Oh, and the song includes the name Johnny, which is, as you know, the ultimate rock and roll name. Have a nice weekend if you don't hear from me before then.

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