Monday, October 31, 2005

Ray Davies Celebrates "Thanksgiving"


Kinks principal Ray Davies will tease his upcoming solo debut with the "Thanksgiving Day" EP, due Nov. 22 via V2. A portion of the proceeds from the collection will benefit New Orleans music education programs. The title track, which will premiere Nov. 15 via iTunes, was inspired by a 1999 Thanksgiving dinner experience with a New England family.

"What struck me was that it was more like the family Christmas I enjoyed as a child growing up in London," Davies says. "Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and even though they throw up their eyes as though it were a chore, family members traditionally gather for a reunion at the house of the oldest relative."

Appropriately, Davies will perform "Thanksgiving Day" on Thanksgiving (Nov. 24) on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien." The week after, the artist will play a one-off show in New York, with date and place to be determined.

...Davies' long-awaited solo album, "Other People's Lives," is due Feb. 7 via V2. A live version of another tune from the set, "The Tourist," can be found on a recently released import-only EP of the same name, which is also available via iTunes.
I hope to god that Davies will wear a Pilgrim costume on "Conan." By the way, the more I listen to the Kinks, the more convinced I am of their Advancement. One of their peak performances had to be the time they played a medley of their hits on SNL back in the day. Oh, and wouldn't you like to meet the New England family that reminded Davies of his own? I'm imagining a dad throwing a hi-hat at his son, then the son punching out his brother.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing that davies has recorded so litle in the past decade for such a prolific performer. it is agood song for aholiday with so litle music. davies has commented that he would like to see the holiday adopted in the U.K.