Monday, January 16, 2006

Axl Sues Car Dealership

From Yahoo!:

Axl Rose has an axe to grind over some missing wheels. The reclusive Guns N' Roses frontman has turned his appetite for destruction on a Beverly Hills auto dealership, targeting it with a lawsuit over a deal gone bad. Rose claims that he had an oral agreement with Beverly Hills Classic Cars to deliver two luxury sports cars after he paid a deposit of $20,000, per the suit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. But, the "Patience" purveyor says, the dealer never made good on the promised 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo and a 2005 Porsche GT3. Further, Rose says, the dealer failed to pay him $135,000 for selling his Ferrari Marinello on consignment. The owners of Beverly Hills Classic Cars were out of town at the Detroit Auto Show and could not be reached for comment.
I hope this won't delay the release of "Chinese Democracy."

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