Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Buzzcocks Update

From Pitchfork:

Time to sell that Hot Topic gift certificate you got for Christmas to your little sister, because England's one-time newest hitmakers, the Buzzcocks, are getting ready to issue a spankin' new album just in time for Spring Break 06.

The latest in a fresh line of full-lengths since the band reunited over a decade and a half ago, Flat-Pack Philosophy hits U.S. stores on March 7 (a day earlier in the UK). The Buzzcocks' eighth studio LP will be released by Cooking Vinyl, and is the follow-up to their acclaimed 2003 self-titled album on U.S. indie touchstone Merge Records.

Pitchfork recently caught up with founding Buzzcock Steve Diggle, who spoke at length about what longtime fans can expect with the band's upcoming release.

"There's a lot of vibe and energy in this new album," Diggle said. "That's what people seem to be saying to me. There's a lot of classic hallmarks of the Buzzcocks style taken through to the modern age. We're rocking better than ever at the moment."
The Buzzcocks are certainly worthy of consideration. I particularly like that he claims that they are rocking better than ever.

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