Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jerome Dillon Concept Album

From a press release:

JEROME DILLON, best known for his work over the past six years as drummer and occasional guitarist with Nine Inch Nails, will release “reminder,” the first album from his band nearLY [sic] on April 11, 2006 (KUFALA Recordings/La Cosa Nostra). nearLY : reminder was recorded in Los Angeles and features Dillon as the primary writer, producer, performer and arranger, accompanied by former 12 Rounds vocalist Claudia Sarne, Afghan Whigs/Twilight Singers' Greg Dulli, former NIN programmer Keith Hillebrandt, violinist Petra Haden, and engineer/co-producer Brett Pierce.

With one media outlet describing the album’s sound as being "reminiscent of artists such as Pink Floyd, The Cure, and Dead Can Dance," nearLY: reminder is an intoxicating and hypnotic collection of 12 songs that merge baroque
strings and acoustic instrumentation with aggressive, bombastic drums and bass. nearLY : reminder is also a concept album that attempts to musically document a recurring dream Dillon had over a six-year period. “I kept getting a bit further along the path every time I had the dream, so I thought that it must be trying to tell me something,” he explains. “And for
about the last year of it, the dream ended with me accepting an invitation to drown myself in a very serene and calm body of water. Without sounding too bleak or depressing, the name ’nearLY’ just seemed to represent where we’re ALL heading: to the end of our time here.”

...The result is a record that ties together many themes to one unified concept with various musical and lyrical threads. Song titles include “One Day I Was Gone,” “Straight to Nowhere,” “Mary Vincent,” “Up in the Trees,” “Tributary,” and “Release.” “I always hoped that in the end, it would all come together like pieces to a puzzle,” added Dillon. “If I stayed on track, musically and otherwise, it would work itself out and everything contained within would all relate back to the same place. No matter how f**ked up things seem, the one dim light that always shines is complete honesty with yourself. Where you’re going, where we’re all going, someday.”

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Anonymous said...

[message from Jerome Dillon]

ATTENTION EVERYONE: we need your support...

in response to decisions rendered by the record company, we ask anyone and everyone interested in attending nearLY live performances to please write to this address ( we especially encourage those of you that were going to travel to l.a. from far-off, distant lands...........the performance budget for the shows in april has mysteriously gone missing (due to corporate re-structuring) and the band is heartbroken. please spread the word so that 'the powers that be' know that you give a fuck about this band and the future of our record : reminder. thank you very much and we will see you soon. jerome.

see for more info