Monday, January 09, 2006

Lou Reed Pics


Lou Reed has been busy in Tribeca. Not only has he been playing live along with partner Laurie Anderson before a small local audience to mark the opening of the new Canal Park, a verdant triangle which both artists lobbied to get planted, but also snapping surrounding views. This month Reed reveals for the first time his photographic art, mostly images of the Hudson River from the Tribeca corner where he now resides. Two concurrent exhibitions at Herm├Ęs and Steven Kasher Gallery coincide with the publication of Lou Reed’s New York (Steidl) and reveal his lyric gift extends to the humble press release. As Lou puts it: “These images are the result of a small attempt to share the beauty that has bedazzled the consciousness of this viewer standing on the edge of the river with a box in hand trying to catch the lightning bolt of time.”
The picture they run with the story is rather Advanced. I believe he has a toothpick in his mouth. Will this be the new Advanced prop?

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