Friday, January 20, 2006

More Lou Reed Photography Press


Lou Reed is unveiling his photography at two simultaneous exhibitions. His first major photo project will open on January 20 in New York at both the Gallery at Hermes and the Steven Kasher Gallery. Shot on digital camera and showcasing urban landscapes, Reed has said that his work is influenced by Andy Warhol, Billy Linich and Wim Wenders.

Speaking to New York Magazine, the singer explained his decision to get behind the camera saying: "When I was touring around the world, I would find myself getting a chance to see things that other people might not, and I just thought it would be crazy not take pictures of it." He added: "I think Leonard Cohen had a line, 'I would travel anywhere in the pursuit of beauty.' And this is the beauty of New York, and I just wanted to take pictures of that, with no motive other than that."

When asked on the difference between how Warhol influenced Reed's art and his music, he said: "I'd be looking at the same thing he was, and then you'd see the way he would explain it and it was completely original."
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