Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Paul McCartney: Blog Cabin

From Yahoo!:

Paul McCartney can't let it be. Local officials said Wednesday they had ordered the former Beatle to tear down a log cabin on his estate in southern England. Rother District Council said its planning committee refused to give the 63-year-old musician retrospective planning permission for the timber lodge on the grounds of Woodlands Farm in Peasemarsh, about 70 miles southeast of London.

A statement on McCartney's behalf to the council said the cabin provided "privacy, seclusion and security" away from the farm buildings and machinery and a public footpath that passed near the farmhouse. But at its meeting in December, the planning committee ruled that the building "harms the intrinsic landscape quality and character" of the area.
First his wife takes away his weed, now he loses his cabin. I guess life never gets easy, even if you are Paul McCartney.

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