Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finnish AC/DC Marathon: Oh, to Be a Fly on the Wall


ROCK groups will play the music of hardrock legends AC/DC for 15 hours nonstop on a Finnish stage for charity, organisers said. Leningrad Cowboys, Ismo Alanko as well as Freud, Marx, Engels and Jung, among others, will play songs from 13 of AC/DC's 14 albums on February 18 in the Atria club in Oulu, western Finland.

The one exception is the album Fly on the Wall which was judged, perhaps uncharitably, as too awful to be included in the event, which starts at 10am (local time) and will last well into the night. "No band has accepted to perform Fly on the wall. I have to say it is the worst album of AC/DC. It really sucks," concert organiser Pertti Havas told AFP. The proceeds from the hardrock marathon will go to the Finnish association for mental health, Havas said.
I find it very hard to believe that they couldn't find anyone to do "Sink the PInk." I'll do it myself if they'll fly me over there.

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Anonymous said...

A musical band of the Finnish Defense Forces at Pohja performed the hard rock classic 'Rock 'n Roll Ain't Noice Pollution' as part of a 15-hours-and-16-minutes AD/DC marathon charity concert for mental health on Saturday. - 'Big in quirky Finland'