Friday, January 20, 2006

NIck Cave Double DVD: Two for the Price of Two

Nick Cave has a new double DVD coming out next week. Now I'm going to move over rover, and let take over:

Disc 1 is the re-release of 1990’s The Road To God Knows Where, while disc 2 is the first time dvd release for their Live At The Paradiso gig back in 1992. One package. 2 blasts of Nick Cave. How dark can it be?

It’s not. It’s fantastic. Director Uli M. Schuppel’s The Road…entwines the backstage boredom with the gang mentality of the band: the in-jokes, songs on the bus, necessary photo ops, interviews in hotel rooms, the frustration, the suits, Blixa Bargelds hair, and generally, the every day workings of a touring band. It accidentally explores the myth that the music industry isn’t a glitterball, in all its black and white glory. Very Mute, indeed. For all the forboding narrative of their songs, this is a film that explains a lot about how necessary the reality of the on-the-road lifestyle is.

Live at the paradiso on the other hand is a bathed in red eye-burner of a gig. When you watch Cave, back then, and you can still see now, this was the singer in The Birthday Party, possibly one of Australia’s greatest music exports and a band that inspire so many others. I’ve watched this on video several times, and I even caught the band on this tour, and they were just a feirce then as they are here, and, dear reader, now that it’s on dvd, you too can get a glimpse into the live world of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. And no, you don’t need to be a Goth to watch it.
For years I've been trying to figure out whether NIck Cave is handsome. Maybe these DVDs will give me my answer.

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