Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Advancement on the Sunset Strip

I saw Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip last night, and Sting--with his lute--was the musical guest. I'll get to the lute business in a second, but first a couple of words about the show in general. I love A Few Good Men (and thanks to TNT I can watch it daily!), and West Wing is one my all-time favorites. But the new show isn't quite cutting with me. I guess the problem is that I don't mind that Sorkin thinks that he is morally superior to Marines or that he smarter and more noble than anyone who has ever served in public office. But I do mind that he thinks that he can write funny sketches because he can't. The problem is that he treats Josh Lymon and Chandler (I mean Danny and Matt) as saviors not only of the show but of television itself, but the fictional show they are making just isn't that good. And unfortunately the real show is that good either, but maybe it will be. The thing is, Sorkin sounds great coming from Jack Nicholson or Martin Sheen, but when it comes from the guy from Wings, it doesn't quite work out. Not that I didn't enjoy Wings from time to time. But on to Sting and his lute:

I like it. The first song on the show wasn't too great, but then he played that "Fields of Gold" song (or whatever it's called), and I found myself moved by it despite the fact that I had always hated that song. Or at least I thought I did. Anyway, I'm now totally convinced that Sting is Super Advanced, and it is time to embrace that. So bring on Ten Summoner's Tales (and the night)!


Mike said...

Super Advanced? Does that mean he gets the dark sunglasses/leather jacket requirement waived?

Jason Hartley said...


Anonymous said...

Here's why the show is not good - and I gave it three episodes: it takes itself way too seriously. It's fine if you're playing super-earnest in the White House, but on a (bad) comedy sketch show? And I won't even get into the whole "writing a piece for Vanity Fair" storyline. Who cares about these people and their truly superficial jobs? Not me, sadly, which I why I will stop watching and embrace 30 Rock despite (because of?) the demotion of Rachel Dratch.
ps. any comedy show that DOESN'T make fun of Sting and his lute backstage is not a comedy show.
ps 2. the lute sounded good!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Aaron Sorkin should do a show about the high-stakes world of lute manufacturing. The comedy and drama would write themselves I would think.

Jason Hartley said...

Totally! Or maybe a show about a lute player in the sixteenth century who is bored with the lute and invents rock and roll.