Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kinks to Reunite?

Ray Davies, who was just honored by the Broadcast Music Inc (some kind of icon thing), suggested that he might try to get together with his brother. From NME:

"Sibling and former Kink, Dave Davies, suffered a stroke in 2004, but Ray Davies was confident the two would work together again. He [Ray} told BBC 6 Music: 'I'm trying to track down my brother, see how he's doing. Maybe he could guest on a few tracks. But we'll see.... I spoke to him before I went on my last tour in America, and he's really on the mend. He's playing again, so it's a good sign."

I wonder how difficult it is to track down Dave Davies, especially if he's your brother. In any case, I would be kinda excited if they were to get together for a little music making. By the way, my favorite Kinks song these days is "Ping Pong."

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Anonymous said...

Austin City Limits will be airing their Ray Davies concert on October 7th. Just thought you'd like to know.