Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jimmy Buffet's eTicket, Pete Townshend in the Attic With Vedder, New York Dolls Tour, Roger Waters Moons Audience, Lindsey Buckingham

  • As you may have heard, Jimmy Buffet was detained in a French airport for having 100 tabs of ecstasy. He was fined 300 euros but his publicist says they were on 20 tablets and they were "prescribed." And I thought my dentist was cool for giving me nitrous during a cleaning!
  • If Pete Townshend can ever get Eddie Vedder to get off the phone, he will work with him.
  • The New York Dolls just kicked off their first tour in more than 30 years. There were no survivors, but the tour will continue.
  • Don't worry: Roger Waters' performance of Dark Side of the Moon was a "brilliantly performed and accentuated recital." I haven't seen a brilliantly performed and accentuated recital in forever.
  • Automatic Headline of the Day: "Lindsey Buckingham Goes His Own Way." And he has big love for the holiday road, not to mention the chain, which will keep him together.


Mike said...

In other news, Sting's new album of lute music hits the shelves today! Sounds quite Advanced to me(from amazon.com's Christina Roden):

"It's undeniable that in four-part harmonies, the singer, tightly overdubbed, comes across like a combination of the Swingle Singers and Queen (meaning Freddy Mercury and crew, NOT the first Elizabeth).

With this in mind, the overall effect is of a candle-lit, postprandial entertainment in the home of an English gentleman. Muttered readings from Dowland's letters and brief snippets of sampled birdsong aside, it is a courageous effort, displaying heartfelt admiration for the composer and a considerable degree of earnest charm."

Full review and audiio samples here:


Mike said...

Sorry, but... I found a link to his performance on the Today show this morning.


The candlabras were a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaybird.....any chance you can come down to Charleston on Nov. 28th for the NYD concert? Sure would love to have a father of the theory here in town. It is at the (semi) historic (for us) Music Farm.


kimberly said...

This photo of Roger (Live at Pompeii) from the DVD: This DVD has never received nearly enough notice/credit. I understand their low profile Ad strategy. It's been the same formula since they formed. But the genius of the band at that time had just caught its' stride and it's brilliantly captured here before their other 2 masterpieces were even conceived.

Even with all of the sound problems they had in Pompeii and the re-editing,etc. you can still see without a doubt they were ions ahead of their time.