Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kiss Take on Starbucks

From the increasingly indispensable blabbermouth:

"Michelle J. Mills of Whittier Daily News recently conducted an interview with KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons about the recently released KISS fragrance lines for men and women.

'The idea of KISS fragrances initially was not just limited to fragrances, it was for everything head to toe," said Gene Simmons.

The collection includes 'underarm deodorant, shampoo, fragrances, body oils for him and for her,' he said. 'It's a full line and we have special Merry Kiss-mas boxes where you can stick one or more of everything in there and get it all and giveaway gift baskets and blah, blah, blah.'"

There's more:

"'This is turning into a KISS world actually because we already have the Kiss Coffeehouse, the first in a new franchise, that's already opened in Myrtle Beach, that's a massive hit,' Simmons said. 'We intend on doing 100 coffeehouses in the next two years.'"

That last quote is priceless. Plus, Myrtle Beach is the single greatest place in the world to open the flagship Kiss Coffeehouse. Make mine a venti, God of Thunder! (By the way, I still think he looks cool as hell in his makeup.

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